Erica L. Satifka

18 September
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"[M]y point is, everyone makes me feel guilty and uncomfortable because I don't want a split-level house and I don't want a new word processor and I did have a girlfriend who drove a Turbo Porsche but it scared me and she scared me... Beside me is a cardboard box that I use to hold my typing supplies--I really had gotten to the point where I imagined there was something wrong with me for not wanting to acquire the display that certifies to the world my achieved status, my success. But I am a real writer, of thirty years, and as I watched your segment tonight I realized that I don't need that, I don't have to prove anything to anyone, especially myself. Writing novels and stories is hard work, but what matters is the work itself--the work that is produced, but also the act of work: the task itself. The fact that I'm writing on cheap paper bought at the Market Basket Supermarket--that counts neither for or against me on the great tote board in the sky, which is to say, in my own heart."

---Philip K. Dick, in a letter to NBC Magazine


"The multitude of books is a great evil. There is no limit to this fever for writing; every one must be an author; some out of vanity, to acquire celebrity and raise up a name, others for the sake of mere gain."

---Martin Luther


Hi, my name is Erica. My speculative fiction has appeared in places like Clarkesworld Magazine, Ideomancer, and PodCastle. I am currently working on a whole mess of short stories and maybe something longer, I don't know. You can visit my "real" author blarghhh right here.